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How to add your region to the OSgrid destination guide

Before you begin

* you must have access to the configuration of your simulator.

* the region must be online and accessible, preferably 24/7.

If your region is offline for more than 2 consecutive days it will be automatically deleted from the Destination guide.

Configuration changes in your simulator

To add your region the simulator must be allowed to communicate with the remote scripts on osgrid servers:

* open OpenSim.ini (located in the bin folder of your simulator).

* go to the [Network] section

* find the line ExternalHostNameForLSL = and make sure that the IP or dns you use is correct. If it is missing, add it at the end.

Save the file.

Terminate your simulator by giving the proper quit command in the consol (do not simply click the X in the window!), then restart it.

Last steps

Log in to your region and rez the destination guide box take the content, and rez the destination guide.

In Edit mode, go to Content of the destination guide objet.

Open the script and edit line categorie_name =

Choose one of the categories from the script and paste it at line categorie_name =, then save it.

Example string categorie_name = "Gaming";

Please note the Rental category is only authorized on a single sim from a single seller, this category is made to reflect all sellers on osgrid in the field not to advertise each region

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